Dolphinarium program in Pattaya - swimming and taking pictures with dolphins, day show, birthday at the dolphinarium


  • Day Show Would you like a once-in-a lifetime experience to get up close and personal with the most lovable sea animals? Now you can at the dolphin day show at Pattaya Dolphinarium. Read more Price from 600 THB Buy
  • Swimming with Dolphins

    Are you fascinated by the sea? Or maybe you are afraid of water? Even if you are, you should try swimming with dolphins. After humans, dolphins are the most intelligent animals in the world and it is incredible to interact and play with them up close. Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience, perfect for both adults and children. Read more

    Price from 3 500 THB Buy
  • Photos with Dolphins

    Have you ever dreamed of taking selfies with a dolphin? You have a chance at our dolphinarium. Our dolphins love to take photos and are great at striking poses. Don’t miss an opportunity to have your picture taken with these amazing animals! Read more

    Price 400 THB
  • Gift Certificates

    If you don’t know what to gift to buy for your friends or family, give them an experience they will never forget with a gift certificate to our dolphinarium.

    Our clever and charming sea animals are ready to bring joy and happiness to everyone. Whether you watch them in our show or meet them more intimately in our swimming with dolphins programs, you will be thoroughly entertained and have a lot of fun! Read more

    Price 1 500 THB Book
  • Photos with Seal

    It’s not just dolphins who enjoy having their pictures taken with people. Seals love it too! Our South American seals are excellent models to get your picture taken with–perfect for individual or family photos. Read more

    Price 400 THB
  • Become a Dolphin Trainer

    Being a spectator to a dolphin show is a wonderful experience, but what if you want to take it to the next level?

    Our comprehensive dolphin trainer course allows you to develop a deeper understanding and connection with these magnificent animals. It is designed to give you the all the skills needed to be a certified dolphin trainer. It is organized into the following modules: Read more

    Price from 7 000 THB Book
  • Birthday Party at the Dolphinarium

    Birthday is a special day, because every birthday person is waiting for a miracle. If you celebrate this special day in the dolphinarium, there will be many miracles!

    We offer a customary and exclusive birthday celebration at the dolphinarium. The exclusive option will surely delight all your guests! It includes: 6 Deluxe tickets for the show, swimming with dolphins for 6 people, games with a dolphin for 1 person, 2 photos with dolphins, cake and cafe decoration. Price: 19 900 THB. Read more

    Price from 7 400 THB Book