Шоу и акции

Pattaya Dolphinarium открыт ежедневно (кроме среды).
Шоу: 11.00, 14.00 и 17.00
Плавание с дельфинами: 12.00, 15.00 и 18.00
Категории мест
Дети (рост 80-120 см)
Regular место
600 THB
480 THB
Deluxe место
800 THB
640 THB
VIP (1 ряд)
1100 THB
880 THB

* Бесплатное посещение дельфинария (без предоставления отдельного места) предусмотрено для детей ниже 80 сантиметров.

* Если вы хотите быть ближе к дельфинам, выбирайте 1 ряд. Но будьте готовы оказаться под дождем из брызг. Не намокнуть помогут дождевики, которые можно бесплатно получить у сотрудников дельфинария.

* * Иностранцы, длительное время проживающие в Таиланде, могут приобрести билеты по цене тайских граждан. Для этого на кассе необходимо показать один из следующих документов: разрешение на работу или водительские права, выданные в Таиланде.

Пожалуйста, приезжайте за 45 — 30 минут до начала шоу.

Шоу дельфинов
Хотите зарядиться позитивом, пообщаться с невероятными морскими животными? Добро пожаловать на шоу дельфинов в Pattaya Dolphinarium! Наша уникальная программа завораживает детей и взрослых.

Цена от 600 THB
Плавание с дельфинами
Вас завораживает море? А может, вы побаиваетесь воды? В том и другом случае рекомендуем решиться поплавать с дельфинами. Интеллектуальные морские животные при прямом контакте – это нечто невероятное. Вы получите уникальный опыт и океан эмоций. Наши дельфины рады пообщаться с детьми и взрослыми.

Готовы к потрясающему приключению? Тогда поехали (точнее – поплыли)!
Цена от 3 500 THB


Юный тренер
Юный тренер
7 000 THB
День рождения в дельфинарии
День рождения в дельфинарии
10 000 THB
Подарочные сертификаты
Подарочные сертификаты
1 500 THB
Фотографирование с дельфинами
Фотографирование с дельфинами
400 THB
Фотографирование с морским котиком
Фотографирование с морским котиком
400 THB
Предложения для групп
Предложения для групп
Билеты на шоу

Билеты на шоу

Плавание с дельфинами

Плавание с дельфинами

Плавание с дельфинами – это незабываемые впечатления, которые подойдут как взрослым, так и детям.



  • 5 star review  A must visit place, good for kids and adults, quite amazing the way dolphins reacts to the commands, worth for the money spend.

    thumb Praveen TM

    5 star review  Amazing amazing amazing. What a fantastic experience and just to simply see the Dolphins and seals up close is a real pleasure. I’ve swam, dived and surfed with dolphins in Australian waters tho to see how intelligent these creatures are is another thing. The staff from counter sales to seating were friendly, courteous and helpful. The Venue was extremely clean and you can see that the animals are well taken care of. Fantastic experience

    thumb rhys scarrott

    5 star review  Best dolphin show so far.. better closer than Sea World !!! Must visit place

    thumb Piangchit Nilkuha
  • 5 star review  Surprisingly enjoyable. Full 1hr, of dolphin experience. Bring your kids with swim suit so they can swim with dolphin for extra cost..????

    thumb Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr

    5 star review  I can for sure say that this is the best animal show I've ever been to. The dolphins were really really well trained and the things they had to show was incredible. I highly recommend for everyone to visit the place especially if you're going to Pattaya for vacation. Would definitely visit again!

    thumb ShinKindred

    5 star review  Absolutely fun, and joyful. The seal act was hilarious and instantly got us in a great mood. The MC host was good but the speaker system made him hard to understand but his performance was great.The dolphins! Omg wow. Incredible. The trainers did a really amaizing job. You can tell the dolphins love them.Normally I'm unsure about live animal acts. But this one left me feeling good about supporting them and the show.Thank you.

    thumb David Sauer
  • 4 star review  The Dolphinarium Pattaya is another city attraction. There are currently three shows per day at 11:00, 14:00, and 17:00. Their shows begin with seals and then move on to dolphins. If you are visiting Pattaya with children, you should include this program in your itinerary.Before discounts, it costs THB 420. True red and black cards provide a 15% and 20% discount, respectively.Parking appears to be plentiful, but it is not. We arrive on a weekday, which is regarded as a low period. The parking lot is completely full. I'm not going to think about the weekend. The venue is easily accessible if you live in North Pattaya. It is located on Highway #7.

    thumb Chitaphol Rattanathikun

    5 star review  Very good show. Recommended. All staffs are welled trained. Dolphin 's trainer is surely an enternainers. MC is great. Explaining both in Thai and English. Entrance fee is worth for the health of animals. The place is welled maintain.

    thumb Panz Wong

    5 star review  It was awesome to swim with the dolphin even I am adult. Staffs are nice. They will explain to you how to play with the dolphins and not to hurt them. Highly recommended for animals lover and kids of course.

    thumb Pui Kwan Yeung
  • 5 star review  What a truly wonderful show we witnessed. The grace and speed of the dolphins was truly remarkable. We did wonder about the captivity issue, but they looked quite engaged and stimulated with what they were doing. The height they reach when jumping for the balls and through the hoops is just mind boggling. It was also nice that it was a small venue, so you felt much closer to the action than at Sea World. A must see show at a reasonable price.

    thumb Gregory T

    5 star review  such a fun and well run tourist attraction with beautiful dolphins and foreign cast.

    thumb Leonard Wee

    4 star review  Great place but could improve the parking lot. Book ahead if you want to swim with the dolphins during weekends or holidays.

    thumb Piyabutr Lorgrailers
  • 5 star review  This show was amazing. My little girl loved watching the seals and the dolphins perform tricks and we even got to have our picture taken with an actual dolphin. Highly recommended.

    thumb Richard Marks

    5 star review  if you want to take selfie with dolphin, here is the place!!you can even swim with them!!

    thumb Paitoon Kittiworakun

    5 star review  Amazing dolphins show here. If you have kids this is the right show for your kids. Parking spaces are available. Convenient drop off point just next to ticket counter. Toilets are clean. No need to book in advance just walk in and buy a ticket then you are good to go.

    thumb Tanachai Piriyawat
  • 5 star review  This place had the best dolphin show I have ever seen. We also had our daughter swim with the dolphins. I would highly recommend this experience as it was a truly amazing! I would definitely come again for the show!

    thumb Jesse Kus

    5 star review  Loved it. Great show. Suggest booking tickets in advance or giving yourself enough time to get the tickets at the entrance as it gets very busy. VIP tickets will give you a ringside seat.

    thumb Iain Littlejohn

    5 star review  Hey I'm traveling with a 9 year old whose board one minute after I pry her phone from her palm, but she was on the edge of her seat. The best dolphin show I've ever seen and the seats are all so close to the water the giant dolphins and there riders come right at you. This was the highlight of our weekend and kids or not you'll be amazed ????.

    thumb Jonathon Siminoe


555/5 Moo 1 Nong Prue Sub-disctrict, Banglamung, Chonburi Province, Thailand 20150
Дельфинарий расположен недалеко от пункта пропуска на трассе 7 (Паттайя-Бангкок) в 5 минутах езды из северной части Паттайи и в 7 минутах - из центральной части.
Дельфинарий открыт ежедневно с 10:00 до 19:00.
Шоу: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00.
Среда - выходной день.
Пожалуйста, приезжайте за 45 — 30 минут до начала шоу.