Pattaya Dolphinarium’s visiting rules & regulations

Rules and regulations for entering the show

1. No pets allowed.
2. Dangerous items such as balloons, firecrackers, fireworks, etc. are not allowed to enter at Pattaya Dolphinarium.
3. Do not touch seals and dolphins without the trainers’ permission.
4. Please remain in your seat during the show.
5. Do not throw anything into the pool.
6. Do not put your hands or lean your face over the pool. Sitting or standing on the pool’s edge are not allowed.
7. No flash photography allowed.
8. Children must be under adult’s supervision at all times, and are not allowed to stand near the pool’s edge.
9. Please beware of slippery floor surfaces.
10. Smoking, drinking alcohol, or being intoxicated are not allowed to enter the show.
11. No Weapons, chemicals, narcotic substances, strong smelling objects and liquids, and poisons allowed.
12. Large bags and suitcases are not allowed to carry inside the show.
13. People who have an obvious contagious disease such as skin disease, lesion, eye, ear, nose or throat infection are not allowed.
14. Customers must strongly cooperate with the rules and regulations.
15. Show tickets are non-refundable and are not allowed to change the date and time.

Condition for customers with wheelchairs

The safety of visitors is a priority. Please be informed that our technical capabilities of lifting a customer with a wheelchair into the hall is up to 80 kilograms.

Rules and regulations of swimming with a dolphin

1. The duration of swimming is 10 minutes. 1 ticket per 1 person only.
2. Swimmer must be 6 years old and above.
3. For the swimmers weight over 100 kilograms, a special program will be provided. Customers can dip in the pool and spend time and few activities with a dolphin such as to pat them and take a photo with them. The dolphin will also kiss you goodbye.
4. People are required to remove all jewelry, hats and glasses.
5. Do not shout, make a sudden movement, and hurt the dolphins.
6. It is strictly forbidden to touch dolphins’ blow holes and eyes.
7. While swimming, one should hold on to a dolphin’s fins (front or back), keep one’s arms straight and relaxed and follow the trainer’s instructions.
8. People who cannot swim or want to wear a life jacket must inform the administrator prior to the swimming.
9. It is required to take a shower before swimming. It is not allowed to use cream, deodorant or other cosmetic products before swimming with a dolphin.
10. It is strictly forbidden to touch the animals in the absence of the trainer.
11. People with acute and chronic skin diseases, mental diseases, cardiovascular diseases (such as hypertension 3rd stage), sexually transmitted diseases, helminthiasis and other infectious diseases are not allowed to swim with a dolphin.
12. Pregnant women are not allowed to swim with a dolphin.
13. People with open wounds and blisters are not allowed to swim with a dolphin.
14. People under the influence of a drug or alcohol are not permitted.
15. People with special needs and infantile cerebral palsy are allowed only for the show.
16. Accompanying person should not go on stage until the trainer invites them to take a photo. One should not come close to the side of the pool, lean to the pool board or sit on it. It is also prohibited to put one’s arms above the water, drop any objects into the pool or attract the animals with gestures.
17. Customers must strongly cooperate with the rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions

1. Swimming tickets are non-refundable and are not allowed to change the date and time.
2. One swimming ticket per one customer. Customers are not allowed to switch or change to another person after entering the pool.
3. Please contact our staff 15-20 minutes before the start of the swimming for registration.
4. Birth certificates shall be presented for children aged 6 years old.
5. Swimming queue is arranged according to the readiness of the swimmer and the staff’ decision.

Rules & regulations of photo with seal or dolphin

1. Photo with a seal
1.1 One ticket for one person only.
1.2 Do not touch the seal’s mouth and eyes.
1.3 Do not shout loudly during the photo session.
1.4 Please prepare your own camera or phone for our staff to take the photos.
2. Photo with a dolphin
2.1 One ticket for maximum 4 persons at once.
2.2 Do not touch the dolphin’s mouth, eyes and blowhole.
2.3 Do not shout loudly during the photo session.
2.4 There is a time limit for a photo session. Please prepare your camera for our staff and strongly follow the instructions.

Pattaya Dolphinarium is a world-class entertainment property. It is designed and built in accordance with international standards. Our marine mammals receive the best, individualized care in accordance with international practices and regulations.

Please follow the rules and regulations during visiting Pattaya Dolphinarium. They are not only for your safety and comfort, but also for the seals and dolphins. We reserve the right to remove any violators from the Dolphinarium and refuse admittance to the show without a reason in advance.