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Sessions with dolphins for children with special needs

Sessions with dolphins for children with special needs is a unique technique developed by our proficient specialists based on international experience. Sessions with dolphins for a child are not only new sensations, vivid impressions and strong emotions. They are also a chance of radically changes in people’s life for the better. Children have the opportunity to develop their cognitive abilities, improve speech skills and stabilize their emotional state after our classes. Activities with dolphins are also an excellent basis for adjunctive therapy of various disorders and diseases.

Our classes for special and disabled children are conducted by marine mammals born in dolphinarium or saved by humans. Our dolphins are specially trained for working with children. Experienced trainers of the Nemo Dolphinarium Network help our dolphins in their work. The trainers who are working with kids have been prepared to work with children with developmental disabilities and are ready to help each child to establish contact with the animal and get the maximum effect from swimming with dolphins.

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Recommended course of swimming with dolphin is 10 sessions. Each session is last for 25 minutes.

From now till 31st of March – 10% discount

Session Price – 10% discount
Price for 1 session with dolphin, minimum 5 session 3 600 THB 3 240 THB
Single session with dolphin 4 800 THB 4 320 THB
Family session with dolphins (up to 4 persons), minimum 5 sessions 7 200 THB 6 480 THB
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How do interactions with dolphins affect the body?

  • 1. Ultrasound effect

    Marine animals use ultrasound for species communication. Dolphin “song” is able to influence cellular level on the body of a child and an adult, contributing to the activation of biological processes in brain cells. It boosts abstract thinking and ability to learn.

  • 2. Hydro massage

    When moving, dolphins create turbulence areas: multidirectional flows of water modulate by the animals flukes. Water environment relieves pressure on joints and simultaneously creates optimal conditions for muscles training.

  • 3. Tactile contact

    Tactile contact is also very important. Kinesthetic enrichment of the environment is an extremely important stimulation to the development of the psyche, cognitive sphere, speech, expanding the range of behavioral, emotional reactions. By touching the child’s biologically active sports on arms and legs with its rostrums, the dolphin stimulates reflexogenous zones of nervous system. Strong emotional side of communications with a dolphin helps increase activity, improve mood of a child and parents.

  • 4. Communication and playing

    The dolphin displays friendliness and interest in the child. For a child, this form of nonverbal communications makes interaction a natural process. It helps to a child to establish positive contact with others.

  • 5. Vibro-acoustic effects

    When dolphins emits ultrasound and sounds within the hearing range, micro-vibrations penetrate tissues, thus producing vibro-acoustic effect. It not only increases blood flow and lymphatic flow also helps improve cellular environment.

As a result of the swimming with dolphins, your child will expand his horizons, gain new communications experience and receive huge positive charge that would make his life more animated, creative and bright.

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When the result is noticeable?

Dolphin swimming and communication sessions are provided in the courses from 5 to 10 lessons.
The duration of each is approximately 25 minutes.

Each session consists of:

  • Greeting, establishing contact with trainer and dolphin;
  • Play part, where a child and a dolphin have fun playing their favorite toys together;
  • Water part, where the child swims with dolphins accompanied by our experienced trainer.

The first results are noticeable after 5 sessions. But a full recommended course is 10 lessons. Children with early childhood autism, intellectual and speech developmental delays show good results from communication with dolphins.

Sessions with dolphins for children with special needs are new and very promising rehabilitation technique. They allow you to expand the boundaries of your world, gain new communicative experience, make life richer and brighter.

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What results can be expected?

Of course, each child can expect their own results, because each child is individual and unique.

The main changes are:

  • development of speech;
  • stabilization of the emotional state and reduction of anxiety, fears;
  • development of the cognitive sphere – mastery of new motor and behavioral skills;
  • improvement of the communicative sphere.

A closer contact between child and the dolphin is the starting point for all subsequent changers. Since dolphins have ability to interspecific communications, they can find various ways of communicating with the child and flexibly change behavior depending on the game partner’s abilities and particular features. Mutual interest and gravitation between the child and the dolphin creates desire for changes, discovery and mastery of something new. And most importantly, sessions with dolphins give the child joy and fill him with positive emotions.