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Interesting facts about dolphins

There is so much information to be found about dolphins on the internet. Here are some of our favorite interesting facts about these loveable creatures. We hope these tidbits will help you see the stars of our show in a new light.

  1. The cartilage of a dolphin’s pectoral fin has a structure similar to that of a human hand.
  2. Some researchers believe that the IQ of some dolphins is higher than that of the average person. This does not mean that dolphins are smarter than humans, but clearly indicates an incredibly high level of intelligence.
  3. Dolphins, like people, breathe with their lungs, and can also choke and drown.
  4. Dolphins can “scan” people with their sonar, allowing them to see the structure of our internal organs, including our bones and lungs. It is believed that dolphins are able to recognize when a creature with lungs is drowning and needs help. So when dolphins see a drowning person or animal, they will try to push them to the surface.
  5. Dolphins have a well-developed sense of empathy. They are able to understand the emotional state of a person and empathize with them, making them excellent psychotherapists.
  6. Dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror and love to see their reflection. Researches are still trying to find out what dolphins really think when they see an image of themselves.
  7. Dolphins are able to streamline their bodies while they swim. The first person to notice it was the Englishman James Gray, who was surprised by their high swimming speeds. Gray determined that, according to hydrodynamic principles, dolphins streamline their bodies in order to move at such a speed.
  8. Dolphins have highly developed taste buds, which helps them detect the presence of certain substances in the water, as well as the proximity to food, other dolphins, and danger.