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Dolphins in Legends and Myths

Dolphins have been featured in legends and myths for thousands of years. Interestingly, new theories about the history and origins of dolphins continue to pop up. For example Ksue Seng Sung, a Chinese oceanologist, is convinced that dolphins are descendants of aliens that came to Earth long ago to seek refuge. According to his theory, dolphins’ ancestors arrived more than one hundred thousand years ago and inhabited Earth while the modern humans were just beginning to evolve.

Another theory insists that dolphins were the first intelligent creatures on the planet. It is believed that in search of a more comfortable habitat, the ancient dolphins migrated to the sea, where they lived side by side with and passed on their knowledge to the inhabitants of Atlantis. All this allegedly happened about two hundred thousand years ago, however, no confirming evidence has yet been found.

Dolphin researcher Jack Kassewitz, in an attempt to decipher the dolphin language, came to the conclusion that these sea animals have graphic “words”, not unlike the hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians! This unusual discovery led British acoustic engineer, John Stuart Reid, to invent the CymaScope. Using a special membrane, Reid’s device analyzes the frequencies in the sound beam that a dolphin emits. Each dolphin sound appears on a screen as an image that resembles a hieroglyph. These hieroglyphs are noticeably different from each other, like words written on paper. Perhaps, dolphins speak and hear with pictures. Maybe they write messages to each other with sounds, and each sound means some kind of notion, action or object.

Jack Kassewitz theorizes, “When using an ultrasound scanner, we can see a person’s internal organs or a fetus in the womb. Why can’t dolphins using high-frequency sound signals, communicate complex information about their surroundings?” Perhaps then, it is possible that over millions of years these animals have been able to form a complex communication system in which each sound has a unique meaning, such as ‘danger’, ‘help’, ‘there is food nearby’, and so on.

There is so much we still do not know about dolphins, and scientists are still working to unlock their mysteries. Who knows how many secrets these truly amazing animals hide!

You can see these mysterious creatures for yourself at our dolphinarium in Pattaya. Perhaps you are the special person who can unravel the secrets of dolphin communication that Jack Kassewitz has spent so long trying to understand!