The dolphin superpowers that other superheroes would envy — Pattaya Dolphinarium

The dolphin superpowers that other superheroes would envy

Hollywood superheroes have many amazing abilities: they can fly at the speed of sound, climb and swing from building to building, zap things with powerful laser beams, and even see the future. While their powers are incredible, these superheroes are just fiction.

In real life, creatures with superhero abilities exist, and can be found in the most unexpected of places.
In Thailand, you can see animals with amazing superpowers at our dolphinarium in Pattaya. After all, our bottlenose dolphins have abilities that even Superman would envy!

For one, dolphins have powerful self-healing capabilities. Georgetown Medical Center researchers once published a study documenting cases of dolphins recovering from shark bites. Even the deepest bites the size of a soccer ball healed in a matter of days, leaving no scars behind. Amazing, isn’t it? Even more astonishing was that the wounds did not seem to affect the dolphins. During the recovery period, the animals maintained their usual activity, and played every day as if nothing had happened.
During sleep, dolphins can turn off one hemisphere in their brain (so that the other hemisphere is still active to regulate unconscious functions ).

Dolphins are able to store memories for up to twenty years (which is longer than even chimpanzees and elephants).

Their sonar allows dolphins to act as an ultrasound. When the detect pregnancy in women, the dolphins swim and move about in complete delight!

Also, a dolphin’s eyes, which are located on both sides of its head, can move independently of each other. This allows them to look in different directions at the same time. They can even see what is happening behind their backs!

Oh, what we would give to have at least some of these extraordinary superpowers!