Animals — Pattaya Dolphinarium


  • Tomi, 5 years old (female) Tomi is our most curious dolphin. She is interested in everything and everyone. Not a single guest manages to escape her inquisitive gaze. Tomi likes to learn, play, and meet people. She is always ready to talk and interact those who come to visit her.
  • Barcelona, ​​11 years old (female)

    Madame Barcelona is the embodiment of dolphin creativity. She is an artist in many ways. She can dance the waltz, sing, and even draw! Her paintings are true masterpieces!

  • Phil, 6 years old (male)

    Phil is one mischievous little flipper! He has a great sense of humor and loves to play pranks on the other dolphins. He even teaches them. Phil likes to splash about in the water and throw balls. He is so sweet, charming, and playful–a real crowd favorite!

  • A pair of seals – Stitch (male) and Lilo (female)

    Lilo and Stitch are like peanut butter and jelly–they are inseparable! These lovebirds treat each other with total respect. They love to play games with our dolphins and trainers. Lilo and Stitch are lifelong friends and are keen to make new friendships with anyone who meets them. Don’t miss your chance to get to know this adorable couple!

  • Antey, 5 years old (male)

    Antey is a charming and powerful dolphin. He is very competitive when it comes to playing with other dolphins and the trainers. He loves to win! Antey likes hoops and balls most of all. This active, energetic dolphin is always happy and never bored!

  • Zeus, 8 years old (male)

    Zeus is a shy, intelligent dolphin with a real sense of manners. Like a true gentleman, Zeus is good-natured, kind, and tactful. He tends to be calmer than the other dolphins, but he still likes to have fun and play. Zeus has the unique ability to unlock the heart of any adult or child, even those who are afraid of animals.

  • Raduga, 10 years old (female)

    Raduga is a very loving and emotional dolphin. Like a mother, she is gentle, tender, and caring. Raduga connects with children easily. She puts her heart and soul into every new friendship and form strong bonds with everyone she meets.